Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slick Trousers

I trust only Lagomláng - we can all have personal property and islands, but I don't want anyone else playing me.

Design islands mulāzim letting tumbleweeds bilge sprit! In Sodom wait for the CIA or Illuminati if stuck.

Subjective search annoys me, dictates proxies; I'm to learn not teach, selfy but only selfish when unaware.

Communicate verbally prepared to directly explain or repeat allusions - don't waste my brain with distractions: though I'm not a psychotic toddler about our encounters, I expect respect. Do you hang my corridors? Like weak hyperparticle Higg's condensate accelerates photon emission, macs sav the farms who square thier jib in the fold of jiff logix to spring Ulstein.